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Refresh Beverages is the preferred independent provider of post mix syrup, along with dispensing equipment, installation and maintenance solutions throughout Victoria, with over 23 years experience in the post mix dispensing industry.

A bit of info about us

Located in Torquay on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Refresh Beverages is the authorised distributor of Freshwater Creek Post Mix Syrups.  Our products are made locally in Victoria, and are proudly 100% Australian made and owned.

We have the resources, knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality independent post mix service available.  From pubs, restaurants and clubs to wedding reception venues, we can do it all.  There’s a reason we stand out from the rest.

To ensure your post mix system doesn’t let you down at the worst possible time, you need to ensure its regularly maintained.  We use a programmed maintainance schedule to ensure all of our post mix dispensing equipment is operating at its peak performance levels to minimize the risk of breakdowns.  This has earned us the reputation as one of Victoria’s most reliable independent post mix service providers.

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100% Australian

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Premium Quality

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If you’re tired of being let down by your current post mix providers’ lack of service and ready to make the change, call us to find out how we can increase the profit margins significantly in your business while getting a faster, more reliable local service when you need it the most.

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