Post mix drinks. Keeping the fizz!

Carbonation of your post mix drinks

All those bubbles in your post mix drinks do more than just look good. They help to bring out the flavour in a drink and play a big part in how good a soft drink tastes. These bubbles are produced when we mix CO2 with filtered water in a post mix machine

An important warning about CO2

CO2 is colourless, odourless and can cause asphyxiation under the right circumstances. You need to ensure you have the right measures in place at your venue, such as installing a CO2 monitoring system, and trying to locate CO2 bottles in outdoor areas.  Keep CO2 cylinders standing upright and secured to walls to prevent them accidentally being knocked over, to keep your staff as safe as possible. Speak to your gas supplier or relevent authority for more information.

Carbon Dioxide Caution Sign for post mix drinks system

Do you seem to be using more CO2 than normal?

You may have a gas leak on your post mix system

How to check for a CO2 gas leak

1. Before you begin checking for leaks, make sure the area you are entering is safe. This means ensuring it is ventilated with fresh air, and or you are using the correct safety procedures and equipment for the location.
2. Turn off the CO2 Cylinder valve completely by turning the valve anti clockwise. (This shuts off supply to the entire system)
3. Observe the reading on the contents guage. (The guage on the LEFT hand side of your CO2 regulator)
4. If the pressure stays the same for 2 minutes and does not drop quickly, there is no leak
5. If the pressure drops steadily there is a leak on the system.

What to do if there is a leak

Try checking the sealing washer on the gas regulator flex arm connector, at the point that it attaches to the cylinder valve, and ensure the handle is tightly fastened to the cylinder.
Listen for any unusual hissing noises from the system
Make sure there are no empty BIB boxes on the system
Repeat the leak test
If the pressure continues to drop steadily, turn off the CO2 cylinder & call Refresh Beverages for breakdown service on phone 0407 802 155

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