Post Mix Syrup


post mix drinks in glasses
All the popular post mix flavours are available in our range of products.

Post mix syrup

Along with cola, our drinks include Lemonade & Lemon Squash. Just to name a few.
All our drinks are manufactured locally in Melbourne which enables us to maintain the highest standards and the freshest quality possible.


Our icecold cola mixing ratio will give you the highest yield of drinks per box possible.


We work hard to ensure that all our syrups are of the highest quality & consistency.

Refresh Beverage Systems drinks are available in 10 flavours
We also supply Slushy syrups seasonally

Our Postmix Flavours include :

icecold cola, lemon squash, lemopnade, tonic wate, raspberry, dry ginger, orange, diet cola, lemon lime bitters, energy drink

Cola, Lemonade, Lemon Squash, Raspberry Crush, Orange Crush and Lemon Lime Bitters all come in 15 litre cartons.

Everything else is conveniently supplied in 10 litre cartons for your convenience.

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Phone : 0407 802 155
Phone : 0417 526 858