Price verses quality

quality verses price

There’s no denying that hospitality businesses try to cut down costs to maximise profit margins wherever they can. While there are lots of ways to do this, some businesses opt for the absolute cheapest post mix syrup product price they can find. Initially, everything seems to work great. Costs are down, sales are good, and everyone is happy.

A few weeks pass and then the customer complaints start to come in. Customers start sending their drinks back saying they taste bad or are watered down. Whats even worse, you find yourself not only pouring the post mix drink down the drain and giving away free drinks to unhappy customers, but also the drinks you have mixed with valuable alcohol such as scotch and gin are wasted. Businesses and staff start to blame the cheap post mix syrup company they have recently switched to and end up spending double the amount they thought they had originally saved. So, why opt for the absolute cheapest post mix syrup supply company?

What constitutes a poor quality post mix product?

How do you even know if your current post mix supplier is giving you the best value for money? Good quality post mix syrups? There is much more involved to serve the best quality post mix drinks possible in your venue. Refer below to see if the post mix supplier you have chosen is guilty of the following:

  • Drinks don’t mix properly with spirits
  • Drinks taste like they are watered down
  • Drinks always taste flat
  • Poor back up service
  • Can’t be contacted easily
  • No service technicians
  • No regular contact with you

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, let us explain how inferior post mix products and back up service can affect your hard earned business:

Brand reputation

Most businesses start with nothing and slowly build up by gaining the trust of customers. However, once damaged or even put in doubt, that trust can be lost instantly. Word gets out as people rate your business poorly on social media and give your products poor reviews. If that happens, its very hard to recover from. Customers will not return or recommend you to their friends. If this happens it only creates even more extra work from you to regain your previous levels of clientele. Its much easier to keep existing customers than find new ones.

Decline in sales

It’s not rocket science to understand that once you get a bad reputation for selling a poor product in the hospitality industry, you will lose customers fast. Customers expect certain standards to be met when they pay premium prices for their drinks at your venue. If they aren’t satisfied, they will be quick to try out your competitors. After all, there is no shortage of venues to find a descent drink or meal. The last thing you want is for your existing customers to look for alternative places to relax with a drink or meal. Once this happens, your profits will surely drop and your workload and running costs will increase significantly as you try and find new customers.

Back up service

If you can’t pour your post mix drinks when you need them, how are you going to continue to maintain your profit margins on your drinks? You need your post mix system running at peak performance all the time. If your system is continually breaking down, or just not up to the daily challenges your business throws at it, then maybe its not being maintained correctly by your current supplier. You need to be able to get your post mix system repaired in a timely manner if its not operational. Pouring drinks from bottles is a hassle for your staff and not very environmentally friendly either. Don’t let your customers down by using an inferior post mix supplier with a lack of back up service on their equipment. There is nothing worse than having to wait for sometimes days on end to get your system up and operational after a breakdown.

What you should do

Before panicking, we are here to show you that there is an easy way that you can avoid all this. All you have to do is invest in a superior post mix supply company, like Refresh Beverages, that provides impeccable post mix syrups and reliable efficient back up service on all of our dispensing equipment. We have the balance right between quality and back up service, and are willing to adapt to your requirements as needed.

If you are unsure that you are receiving the best possible combination of product quality and reliable back up service, you can reach out to us here and we will guide you through the process!