Post mix system upgrades

postmix system upgradesEveryone seems to be renovating or upgrading their venues lately.

We’ve been busy working alongside our existing customers completing post mix system and beer system upgrades.  Many new customers have recently begun enjoying our reliable customer service.  Furthermore, they are benefiting from our competitive pricing policy.

The hot weather seems to have left us in the southern states.  This seems like a good time to have a think about doing any improvements to your venue drinks dispensing area.  It may be a simple case of rearranging a few things for better work flow.  Maybe its time for some more serious repairs to take place in preparation for the busy summer months latter this year.

You could be in the early stages of planning a new venue.  Even if its currently just a thought bubble, we can probably help get you thinking up new ways and ideas to improve your venue.  Why?  Because its what we spend most of our days doing.  We visit so many venues on a daily basis, where we are exposed to many different ways to set things up.  Workflow is not only important to profits, its also important to your staff.  When workflow is efficient, its much more user friendly for your staff to work with.  We work alongside you and help you to best plan and design workflow efficient bar for your situation.  Not some off the plan design that doesn’t suit your needs.

Thinking about upgrading your post mix system or not happy with your current supplier?  You do have options.  Call us to find out if we can offer a more affordable, reliable option for your drink dispensing requirements.  In addition, we are fiercely proud of our back up service on both our own equipment and also our customers’.

Qualified and certified technicians

In addition to our post mix and beer systems services.  Did you know we have fully qualified and insured commercial refrigeration technicians on our staff?

We are arctick certified to work on all refrigeration systems.  Our license and certification allows us to repair our own equipment in house.  This is important as it ensures time efficient repairs to equipment with less downtime to you.  This also ensures that we are repairing our systems in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Some post mix suppliers aren’t licensed to repair their own equipment.  They can’t repair the refrigeration part of their own machinery.  They’re required to use outside contractors.  This delay in repairs can be very disruptive to your business during peak times.  For example, during a special event, maybe you are hosting a wedding at your venue.

We can also assist you in the event of any refrigeration system failures you may have at your venue.

When you need our services due to a refrigeration system breakdown contact us.  Our team can normally fix any issues you may be having quickly and efficiently.

Need advice on where to start?  We are happy to to help out in any way possible.

You can contact us by phone on 0407 802 155 for our post mix products & services or email –

Post mix spring cleaning & preparing for summer

Warmer weather ahead in Victoria

Spring has finally arrived in Melbourne after a rather chilly winter.   It brings with it new opportunities, as well as signifying that its time to start preparing our businesses for the warmer months ahead.

At Refresh Beverages, we have developed quite a few new relationships with a lot of new customers recently, and would like to take this time to shout out a very warm welcome to you all.  We hope you enjoy working with us as your postmix supplier during the future years.

outdoor bar in spring

Spring cleaning

Spring is a great time to assess how our businesses are traveling in the hospitality industry.  Its a time for new beginnings, new products and importantly, new business relationships.  If you are ready to start making some real profits from your post mix drink systems, why not give us a call to find out how we may be able to help.

You can contact us by phone on 0407 802 155 or by email anytime.  We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

We think Spring is a great time for you to start thinking about your post mix drink and refrigeration systems, and if they are ready to cope with the coming summer heat.  You need to check that they are not blocked up with dust that has accumulated over the colder months.  A simple visual inspection will alert you to any potential problems.

We aim to perform general spring cleaning on all our our post mix dispensing equipment by the end of Spring.  This helps ensure it runs smoothly and reliably during the peak summer months, and so should you.

If you require our services to help maintain your refrigeration or post mix equipment, or even just advice, feel free to get in contact with us by phone on 0407 802 155 or email : so that any issues you may have can be rectified quickly and efficiently.